Old fashioned approach to evaluation of whether to use automation from PlanIT

Heaven help people going for expert advise to automators who are basically admitting they can not set it up to work in any real world situation involving change and complexity.

I was browsing the PlanIT website looking for their wisdom on test automation and noticed a newish whitepaper from Feb this year. It is a very old-fashioned analysis of whether/when to automate, saying in a nutshell that you should automate where there is little change to the application and/or you lack a test team with in depth knowledge of the system. It also seems to imply that a 70 to 85% pass rate is OK and those failing can be checked manually. Yuk!

Comments like “For example, the add new client function for a doctors surgery application, requires the user to fill in multiple screens such as contact details, medical history and health fund details, automating this process may be hard as the automation script needs to go through many screens which contain many combination of variables. ” suggest the tools and approach used is very primative, that the assumption is that all interaction is through the GUI, and that the developers have no buy-in or involvement at all. And yet the article implies and agile environment.


Sometimes I think it’s better if people know nothing about test automation when the alternative is being an expert but most of what they “know” is wrong!

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